History of all interventions, maintenance, reports, assignments, work orders in progress and completed. Invoicing, quotes, orders, delivery notes.


Direct connection with your SERENITE and ASTUS Call Centres. API gateway management via BINSAWEB, INTENT. VIZAVY, MQS, ACCEO...


Tracking repairs, upgrades and assemblies of your equipment by Sector, Technician and Activity. Worksite planning.


Monitoring of safety studies, PTI/DATI isolated workers, live location of technicians and equipment. Alerts and notifications, SMS, Emails


Analytical management, cost centres, activities of your company and branches, control of expenses and income, net profit.


Use of QR barcodes in pits, cabs and machinery. Management of NFC TAGS and item barcodes.

Binsa's management services for your business

Appliances, contracts, customers, building owners.

Portfolio management, clients, contracts, co-ownership trustees, agents, property administrators, building managers, architects, inspection and design offices.

Collection control, monitoring of settlements and payments.

Management of collections and payments, accounting for customer and supplier invoices. Collection management, unpaid invoices. Aged customer balances.

Missions, reminders, repair, modernisation and assembly work orders.

Management of work orders, maintenance, repairs, modernisation, assembly. Management of assignments, reminders, follow-up.

Accounting, accounting exports, balance sheets, statements of account, general ledger.

Management of accounting exports, management of balance sheets, customer ledgers, account statements, document tracking.

Management of invoicing for maintenance, repairs, modernisation and assembly.

Automatic invoicing of maintenance contracts, repair work orders, upgrades, assemblies, etc.
Invoicing of work reports and regularisation.

Vehicle fleet, vehicle monitoring.

Vehicle management, mechanical overhauls, roadworthiness tests, fuel costs, monitoring of fines, replacement vehicles, tyre changes, etc.


Management of your equipment stock, entries, withdrawals, transfers, stock adjustments and inventories. Supplier tracking, purchase tracking, supplier orders and delivery notes, inventories and rotations.

Follow up with Binsa

Accounting tracking,
automatic creation
accounting entries.

Tracking of work orders, cost of goods sold
and net profit.

Tracking your technicians, geolocation, smartphone clocking in and out.