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Personalised Developments

Starting from the Customer’s needs and taking into account their expectations for the future, Binsa Software designs and develops quality software to measure with total guarantees, constructing reliable applications for web and desktop, perfectly aligned with our customers’ business objectives.

15 years developing personalised software and our standing in specialist software engineering in Microsoft technology, have won the confidence of large customers.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a new way to understand technology.
Using the VMWare virtualisation model, the infrastructure is available as a general service, reliable and easy to use, similar to the telephone or electricity.

We can help you to deploy this new Virtualisation technology and take advantage of all the features of Cloud Computing.

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Web Design
We offer you a professional Web design and maintenance service with which you can achieve all your objectives. Taking into account that the Web page is your company’s image on the Internet and, for the visitor, your company is what he sees there, we have a first-rate creative team to design not only the graphic part, but also the most effective way to ensure that your Web page is clear, useful and easy to navigate. We offer you a service of comprehensive solutions destined to make your company stand out in the Internet against the competition.
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IT Consultancy Advice

From Binsa Software we can help you and your company to manage and optimise every one of your resources. With consultancy on business processes, time management, project management, task and priority management, optimisation of management tools, we can advise you on any technological area.

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Technical Service

Today computers, networks and new technology such as Internet have become essential for the daily work and productivity of your company.

Breakdowns and failures in computer equipment, desktop computers, laptop computers, servers and communications networks cause delays, low productivity and can even mean the total stoppage of your business activity, which can involve substantial financial losses and could be avoided with the right technical service and preventive maintenance.

Most companies are not able to have their own computer technical service department due to the substantial personnel expenses involved.

Binsa Software offers you the opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of your own technical department at low cost, enabling you to have comprehensive technical service available for personalised computer systems, for on-site repairs for breakdowns in computer equipment and communications, installation and extension of networks and systems etc.

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Software Implementation
Binsa Software offers specialised consultant services for the implementation of systems in your company, among which are various ERP, CRM, SCM, BI, WM systems and other e-Business solutions. Our experience of more than 20 years in the implementation of solutions and the use of proven methodologies enables us to guarantee the delivery of successful projects, covering needs raised by companies and surpassing the expectations of our customers.
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Remote Service

Binsa Software provides services of technical assistance and support to cover your needs for hardware repairs. A rapid service, efficient and top quality, with highly qualified engineers.

We supply on-site assistance, repairs in the laboratory with or without a collection service, installations of new equipment and training for the users.

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Networks and Cabling

We install structured cabling, telephone switchboards, servers and computers in networks. We offer personal advice and solutions with everything necessary for the installation and maintenance of your network, so that you can get on with your business and not think about your computer installation.

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Backup Online
A Remote Backup service allows the user to programme his copies of data and ensure that the backups are always made, automatically and effortlessly. Also, it gives the advantages of the disc at the level of data recovery, with the added benefit of having an externalised copy, that is to say, safe from theft, fire, flooding or any other type of disaster. Backup Online enables companies to comply with current legislation in matters of data protection, which requires having a copy outside the business premises.
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Hosting is the location of a web page in a special computer called a server, which is technically prepared so that it can be accessed from a network.

This server also offers the ability to hold e-mails belonging to the domain and to store company information on its hard discs.

The security of these machines is of capital importance and requires highly specialised engineers. Due to that and the high price of this equipment it is much more profitable for a company to lodge its web pages, mails, etc, in a server “shared” with other companies, leaving the maintenance of the system to the owners of this server, which offer high connection speeds and a guarantee of operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Internet Gateway
Control Internet traffic for your business easily and simply through the Internet Gateway. It works as a kind of Transparent Proxy, which means that you do not have to configure any computer or alter your network. You simply plug the Internet Gateway into your Internet connection, and all the configurations are done through your simple Web interface.
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